Baby diapers

Waterproof Reusable Wet Bag Printed Pocket Nappy Bags PUL Travel Wet Dry Bags Mini Size 25x20cm Diaper Bag

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These cute wet bags are made of PUL material - the same material that makes diapers waterproof.
They have PUL-lined compartments with individual zippers and a loop handle with a snap.
PUL wetbags are washer and dryer safe. Just toss them in with your diapers!

Detail Description:

1. For diapers, swimwear & travel, wet bags grow with you from baby, toddler, teen to adult as the best way to store wet items!
2. 100% polyester designer fabric exterior with zipper closure, they is thick and soft, unlike any other bag!
3. Will not wick, even with the wettest items! Machine washable
4. Eco-Friendly + fashionable: Get creative, get a few - the uses are endless!
5. It's totally convenient and washable.
6. size:25x20cm
7.Qty:1Pcs wet bag in bag

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